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Simply Woman, Simply Beautiful, Simply Bound.


In the era of the silent movie , the image of the female bound by ropes was a common sight and not one to cause alarm. It was an image that emphasized the romantic nature of these films and perpetuated the idea of a ‘knight in shining armour’. In this land of opposites there must also be a reason for this idea to exist, so the image of the ‘Damsel in Distress’ came to light. The woman bound was also an indication to the audience that conflict resolution was near and that the heroine would soon avenge her captor and be free to leave with her hero. Thus the ‘damsel in distress’ is reinforced as a romantic notion, perhaps naive in its hope that all will end well. The idea of the female bound therefore is not always blatantly erotic but, also has more subtle connotations which are really down to the perception of the observer.

Tastefully executed, the images reflect the notions of a bygone movie era, the images within the site always portray the subject as clothed and bound; leaving the level of eroticism down to the perception of the viewer.

It is the photographer’s hope, that he can recreate the romanticism and innocence of this era whilst adding an extra artistic twist to the image by using Rope Art.

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